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We Tried - climate crisis song by Louise Harris

Facebook post by Louise Harris:

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This is a song about the climate crisis, and what will happen if we don’t act.

But we can act. We must. Join collective action today.

March with Just Stop Oil everyday from TODAY, 12 midday, Trafalgar Square.

If you’d like to help me fund more climate activism songs and videos like this one, and help me reach my goal of a climate album in 2024, you can donate as a one off here:

And support me monthly here:

Please share this video far and wide. It is time to step up, together.

Meet Your Murderers:

Suella Braverman - Former UK Home Secretary - Imprisoned climate activists, introduced a police state, removed our legal right to protest in the streets.

Rishi Sunak - UK Prime Minister - Approved over 100 new oil and gas licences 1 week after his family signed a billion dollar deal with BP.

Grant Schapps - Former UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Claire Coutinho - Current UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero.

Jonathan Harmsworth or "4th Viscount Rothermere" - Chairman and Controlling Shareholder of the Daily Mail and General Trust - Perpetuates climate denial, demonises climate activists.

Rupert Murdoch - Owner of News Corp. (The Sun, Wall Street Journal, The Australian) & Fox News - Climate denying news outlets, demonise climate activists.

Jes Stanley - Former CEO of Barclays - Barclays is the worst bank in the UK, and one of the worst in Europe, for financing fossil fuel projects.

Coimbatore Sundararajan Venkatakrishnan, also known as Venkat - Current CEO of Barclays.

Ben van Beurden - Former CEO of Shell.

Wael Sawan - Current CEO of Shell.

Bernard Looney - Former CEO of BP.

Murray Auchincloss - Chief Financial Officer of BP and Current interim CEO.

Song written and sung by Louise Harris

Produced by Peter Lyons

Strings arranged by Harry Drake & Louise Harris

Violin/Viola - Kirsty Mangan

Cello - Ian Davidson

Double bass - Jess Price

Piano - Peter Lyons

Published by Ferocious Talent

Artwork shot by Neal Haddaway

Artwork edited by Léo Bodelle

Video directed by Louise Harris

Video filmed by Max Bandicoot, Go out of Tune, GOOT Studio

Video edited by Louise Harris

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