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Violet CoCo and Brad Homewood jailed in Victoria for 21 days

Updated: Mar 14

At Extinction Rebellion's protest on the 5th of March 2024 in naarm, three Rebels blocked three lanes of the Westgate Bridge during peak hour. All three were arrested and Brad Homewood and Violet CoCo are now serving 21 days jail in Victoria.

Brad Homewood said: “We are in the climate endgame. The fires, floods and cataclysmic storms we are seeing are just the beginning. Climate breakdown has begun. Last year reached 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming, putting us in the danger zone for a cascade of climate feedbacks and runaway warming.”

Climate activist Violet CoCo, 33 years old, previously sentenced to 15 months in jail for blocking one lane of Sydney Harbour Bridge held a sign saying “Join us March 13-16 to Rebel for Life.”

Protestor and father of three Joe Zammit said: “We don’t like causing disruption and upsetting people, and we are sorry for that. However, business as usual equals death. We need Citizens’ Assemblies to harness the good sense of ordinary people to make decisions based on justice and to create the world that we want for ourselves and for generations to come.”

Support letters can be sent to:

[Prisoner's first name and surname]

c/- Corrections Victoria

GPO Box 123

Melbourne VICTORIA 3001


No money, musical cards or extras like stickers and photographs.

Get into the movement at this event:

Or visit your local XR group!

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