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Tassie Wildlife Rock: A Poem

We're out in the forest and what can we see?

A spotted-tail quoll winking at me.

Up high in a branch with big brown eyes

An endangered masked owl - and away she flies.

A platypus searching the river for food

Freshwater giant crayfish, not in the mood!

The ringtails are chirping in the peppermint gum,

A baby wombat out chasing its mum.

Four baby devils yap from their den

And the squeaky bedspring noise of a native hen

The blue tongue lizard is looking quite fab

Sunning itself on a big granite slab.

A wedge-tailed eagle chased by a gull

A day in the forest will never be dull!

The bettongs are sleeping, old echidna wakes

And the snake in the river, no sound does she make

The spider's out hunting, the cicadas screech

And nothing compares to a currawong's speech

The parrots fly swiftly in search of a nest

In the dense native forests where the trees are the best.

How fabulous knowing their lives were all spared

From destruction by industry - because people cared.

The people kept fighting and the government ceded

And looked after our planet because that's what it needed.

Colette Harmsen

Swift parrot photo credit: Rob Blakers

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