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Some of the places I have been arrested - and they still need immediate protection!

Que forest protests, takayna

The Que rainforests (what is left of them) in takayna/Tarkine are stunning rainforests. They are the type of magic forest that you imagine as a child - full of mosses, fungi, lichens and greens of every possible shade. Why any of these forests are still available to forestry to cut down is completely beyond me. You can visit them along the Murchison Highway near Que Road.

Helilog Road protests, takayna

An active forestry coupe was found on Helilog Road in takayna/Tarkine in 2020. The Bob Brown Foundation escorted the machines out of the coupe and since then logging has not recommenced. But MMG (Minerals and Metals Group) is hell bent on sticking a tailings dam in a beautiful rainforest further down Helilog Road.

The civil disobedience against the new tailings dam by the Bob Brown Foundation has been immense, and people flocked to takayna in the middle of winter to stop the work day after day. This has helped strengthen the importance of direct action in Tasmania.

Artec woodchip mill, Bell Bay

Artec woodchip mill chips both plantation and native forest logs. It is devastating to realise that when a forest is chopped down, 85% of the logs go straight into a chipmill to be chipped and exported overseas. What a waste of world class native forests.

People do not believe that we still put native forests through the chipper. I guess the "Sustainable" Timber Tasmania PR machine is working in overdrive to prevent people from realising this fact. This is an outrage!

Parliament House protests, nipaluna

Parliament House has always been a location for people protests. It makes sense that people go to the building that houses our government officials to agitate for change. We elect politicians based on their ability to make a difference and add value to society. It is the responsibility of our elected leaders to make the differences that we as citizens are looking for. The public will continue to protest at Parliament House when our elected politicians fail to deliver on making a positive difference to society, and continue to avoid taking the climate crisis seriously.

Wentworth Hills Forests in the Central Highlands

Some of the most epic native forests still stand in Wentworth Hills, Central Plateau. These forests are rapidly diminishing due to logging. These forests are unique as they consist of massive trees at a very high altitude. This area is locked behind forestry gates, and thanks to the native forest logging industry, the forests are disappearing fast. Wentworth Hills should be a place we can all visit and marvel at and the ecosystem must be protected permanently.

Ta Ann peeler mill, Smithton

Ta Ann has driven native forest logging in Tasmania for several decades. It seems unbelievable that an overseas company can dictate Tasmania's native forest logging schedule, but that is what is happening. We must get Ta Ann out of Tasmanian forests.

UNSustainable Timber Tasmania Office

Level 1, 99 Bathurst St


The office of Forestry Tasmania is centrally located in nipaluna/Tasmania, tucked up on the first floor of 99 Bathurst Street. Forestry Tasmania trades as Sustainable Timber Tasmania but is still legally called Forestry Tasmania. It is a government business enterprise wholly owned by the government of Tasmania and has been heavily subsidised for decades. Forestry staff can hide behind locked doors, but their ongoing corrupt practices speak for themselves.

Eastern Tiers swift parrot habitat

The Eastern Tiers forests have been systematically fragmented over the years leaving less and less mature habitat trees and feed trees for swift parrots. The scientific evidence is irrefutable - swift parrots are going extinct so we must stop cutting down the trees they rely on to feed and breed. Bob Brown and many others have been arrested in these forests in recent years to protest the ongoing destruction of swift parrot habitat.

Venture Minerals has an Iron Ore mine at Riley Creek and is actively exploring at Mt Lindsay and Mt Livingston rainforests in takayna/Tarkine

Venture Minerals are a small mining company based in Perth, Western Australia. These guys are total cowboys and need taking down a few pegs. Their share price continues to decrease, and they do not value the rainforest at all.

Please help us to get them out of takayna/Tarkine for good. Tell the shareholders it is a terrible idea to put a mine on the side of a rainforest-covered mountain. The Tarkine is no place for new mines.

I acknowledge the palawa people as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. I pay my respects to their elders past and present. I recognise the palawa connection to country, and role in caring for and maintaining country over tens of thousands of years. Country encompasses the land, waterways and sea, and also cultural practices, knowledge, and the cultural environment. I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

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I was at the Venture Minerals protest in Perth and took shots from that exact location. In fact, that is my shot! I still have a dystopian lens 'looking up at the bird-woman' photo on Insta from that very day. I'll send you a copy 😎 Kris x

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