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Prison Poems for our Planet

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

A Rehabilitation Poem

Rehabilitate me like you should

A forest's purpose only wood

A masked owl's home is for the chop

I must obey the logger's cop

A prison cell - where I belong

To protect the earth, forever wrong

And if I am to disagree

It's in the divvy van for me

Earth's Demise

Dear politicians, stop acting so strange

It's time you got serious about being the change

Our oceans are dying, our rivers are dead

Our forests are dwindling - it's not in your head

Our entire legal system is set up to fight

For jobs, growth and riches, but not what is right

We have here a system where the criminal offence

Is to fight for our planet - this does not make sense

No amount of money can fix what's been lost

We can keep on destroying, but what is the cost?

Our planet is suffering and it wants you to choose

We will never stop fighting cos we know what we'll lose

Down, Bastards, Down

When the bastards get you down

You don't have to leave town.

From the ground where you lie

You can look them in the eye.

For the bastards are weak and sad

It's your conviction that makes them mad.

And like bullies everywhere,

They will want to point and glare.

So while lying naked on the floor

Rise on up with a loud ROAR

And walk right past those desperate souls

Because they are not part of your goals

Mother Earth is Angry

Mother Earth is angry

We've stomped on her big heart

We've stuffed up her environment

And torn her trust apart

Politicians only worry whether

They will win their place

Of getting re-elected

In their bullying type of race

Our legal system's failing

Because it chooses to pick

The big polluting industries

That make our planet sick

Mother Earth is angry

She's tried to teach us well

But we have not respected her

And we're off to climate hell

Wildlife Love Poem

Show us you love our wildlife

Show us you'll really fight

Don't take their homes for granted

Just act and do what's right

When your grandkids ask sincerely

How you helped to make things thrive

Tell them you did everything

That's why they're still alive

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Cheryl Almond
Cheryl Almond
Oct 26, 2023

Wow Colette, those poems speak right to my heart. You would have enough to print a book♡

Replying to

No, not enough, unless I keep writing them out of jail

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