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Premier Rockliff says he believes in science...

Updated: Feb 11

Follow the Science, Mr Premier

This week my forest activist colleague and friend, Dr Lisa Searle, and I had a chat to Premier Rockliff about native forests, endangered species and the climate emergency. The Premier told us that he and the Liberal Party trust the climate science, but he said that he and his government don't need to improve on anything when it come's to Tasmania's environment because of hydropower.  But hydropower is not the magic bullet that everybody makes it out to be. The ecosystem degradation caused by hydropower accelerates declines in freshwater biodiversity and displaces river ecosystems, and also produces harmful methane that exacerbates climate change. Over time, river sediment clogs dams which decreases reservoir capacity which reduces the amount of energy generated. Climate change and rising water demands means lower river volumes, which shrinks the hydropower capacity.  So let me remind you, Premier, about the science that you believe in so strongly. Researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) and Griffith University, are calling for an immediate end to all native forest logging if Australia wants to meet its net zero targets in coming decades. Other scientific strategies that must be acted on if we want to give human kind and the future of our environment a fighting chance:

☆ working towards zero new species extinctions

☆ effective restoration of degraded terrestrial, inland water, marine and coastal ecosystems

☆ tackling the impact of invasive feral species

☆ reducing the impact of plastics on nature

☆ minimising the impact of climate change

☆ an end to native forest logging

The future is in your hands, Premier Rockliff. Don't stuff it up.

Dr Colette Harmsen

Veterinarian, wildlife defender and peaceful forest activist

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