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National Threatened Species Day September 7

Today is National Threatened Species Day!

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Not really cause for celebration - as we are recognising the species that are on the brink of extinction! But we must recognise that they are still with us and therefore can be protected. So let's celebrate species that need extra protection now. And remind politicians, especially Federal Environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek, that they have a responsibility to leave this place in a better condition than the way they found it. Threatened species are relying on us!

There are currently more than 680 species listed as threatened under the Tasmanian Threatened Species Act 1995, including 493 threatened plants and 190 threatened animals. Of these threatened plants, there are 136 listed as endangered, 69 listed as vulnerable, and 268 listed as rare.

You can find the comprehensive list of Tasmanian Threatened Species here (last updated 21st September, 2022:

And in this excel spreadsheet

threatened spp tas
Download XLSX • 37KB

Masked Owl, Tyto novaehollandiae

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