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Join in actions to end Native Forest Logging!

I have ended up in jail due to frustration about the climate crisis, fear of the future of our planet, and stubbornness, because I believe that the government cannot keep shying away from responsibilities. Add in a sprinkle of madness and this has motivated me into action.

It has taken numerous acts of civil disobedience to end up in jail. I pushed the envelope in order to bring more attention to native forest logging and takayna/Tarkine.

Please do not feel sad that I am in jail. This is the avenue I choose in order to draw attention to Tasmania’s threatened environment.

What can you do?

Continue protesting! What I would like very much for everybody to do is to attend the August 12th rallies around Australia to bring a swift end to Native Forest Logging.

Check out the BBF website or facebook page for a forest rally near you! Invite all your friends and family, and let’s make our feet do the talking!

This is a call to peaceful protest. I’m really excited this is happening and I will join you in spirit! That will make me very happy.


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