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Invitation to contribute to this blog!

If you would like to contribute words, pictures or videos to this blog - there are a few people who have access and can post stuff here!

Contact Jenny Weber or Adam Burling if you would like to add some content (yes - I've run out of blog content!!)

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Cheryl Almond
Cheryl Almond
09 de out. de 2023

Three months ago BBF sent out a request to support a lady called Colette, who had been jailed for defending Tarkanya. I was shocked that someone could be prosecuted for a peaceful protest! So I decided to write once a week and hopefully make some small difference by letting Colette know how much I appreciate her sacrifice she has made. Now only days to go before your release, I wish I could be in Hobart, but all I can do is wish you all the best. It's been a pleasure to get to know you. THANK YOU XO


Cheryl Almond
Cheryl Almond
02 de out. de 2023

Dear Colette, I am so disappointed that you haven't been receiving my mail, only because I had sent little gifts with my letters. I've had three return to sender. Well at least my last correspondence I sent yesterday is gift free. It wasn't a big deal to get gifts back, but they've obviously opened it, you'd think they could've passed my letters on to you. Best of luck Colette for the future. I can't wait to hear about what you get up to next. XO Cheryl. Doing it for the Forests.

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