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Hope in a Haystack

Where do we find hope to keep on going?

It's easy to lose hope in amongst the ongoing negative climate change events. But it is important to find a little glimmer of hope so that we have something to look forward to!

To see this Guardian article you need to sign up - but it doesn't cost you anything to read the content:

I find hope in the people I meet who share a common purpose to protect our natural environment. Direct action gives me the conviction and resolve to defend wildlife and native forests. I feel empowered by non-violent direct action (NVDA) because it is something that I can do that I know can make a positive difference.

The picture above was taken by photographer Tim Cooper. You can find more activism photos by Time here:

A friend recently asked me what brings me joy? I was happy that I could provide an answer! It is an important question to ask yourself do the things that bring you joy. I get great joy from interacting and watching my pets. I call them my emotional support rats (ESRs) and they are just lovely!

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