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Happy Xmas 2023 and give our decision makers HELL for ignoring climate change

Happy Xmas - this time of the year is INSANE so stay safe, and try to be more patient than I have been lately... 😬😬😬

Here's an article that Dan Jensen published on Independent Australia:

And here is an open letter and sincere question to all politicians and decision-makers:

Dear Politicians

My name is Colette Harmsen, I am 47 and I am a veterinarian, wildlife defender and peaceful forest activist. This year I spent 3 months in prison due to peaceful protesting in Tasmania's native forests. I am prepared to go to jail because I believe the climate emergency is being treated as a joke and that drastic measures are necessary now or we're all going to boil in hot water. Literally.

Can you, as the representative of the people, please explain to me how you think your business-as-usual approach is going to help reduce the effects of climate change beyond your next election? How is blindly supporting jobs and growth, and the protection of polluting industries, going to help our planet to avoid future catastrophic climactic disasters?

Why are so many politicians only interested in getting elected at the next election, but are not interested in what happens for our future generations? Where is your sense of responsibility? Your duty of care? The commitment to  action towards a safe planet into the future?

I am furious at the lack of proper attention and action taken by you, our elected politician. I am beyond frustrated that the police and the legal system are comfortable backing up big business by arresting protesters who are simply trying to care for our planet. The police and the legal system are demonstrating support for climate destructive industries, and supporting a lack of climate action.

Does our future matter so little to you that you are unwilling to consider the need for policy change, or are you that ignorant that you cannot see the climate trajectory you are pointing us all in?

Please politicians, answer me this: If you could leave one long-term contribution towards the betterment of this planet's environment far beyond your short political life, what would you do today to make it a reality?

We ask you to make good decisions, even if those decisions frustrate big business and the wealth of the wealthy,  and ongoing environmentally damaging activities. You are our last hope to make the necessary changes for a better life for everybody. Don't be the one to screw it up.

Dr Colette Harmsen

Veterinarian, wildlife defender and peaceful forest activist.

Tinderbox, Tasmania

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