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Colette is halfway through jail time! Take action to mark this milestone ...

Our friend Colette has been in jail for 6 weeks today. She would love you to celebrate this mark of passage with her by taking some urgent action ...

Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek has announced that public submissions are once again open for a decision to be made on the preliminary works for MMG's tailings dam in pristine rainforest in takayna / Tarkine - home of the iconic Masked Owl.

Click here for easy steps to send the Minister a message: takayna's ancient forests are NOT a sacrifice zone for toxic mining waste!

Also ... did you know that 7th September each year is National Threatened Species Day? The date is chosen to mark the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus) in 1936.

As we know, the list of species nearing the brink of extinction globally and on this continent grows ever larger, as we face grand scale environmental destruction and climate chaos.

Colette has a vision of as many people as possible getting out on the streets wherever you are, wearing a mask or costume of an endangered species whose life matters to you!

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Christine Degan
Christine Degan
30. Aug. 2023

Thank you Colette for your principled stand, for your unselfish willingness to face jail in your fight for our forests, our earth and its wonders, for your bravery. Warrior woman!

Gefällt mir
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