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Ask yourself - what can you do to help protect the environment?

How can we ignite the spark to act for positive change, and how can we coax that spark to become a burning fire to fuel a whole movement? We need to encourage one another because we can all make a difference. As with most things, we need all of the tools in the toolbox to build a resilient movement.

What is in your toolbox? What can you offer to protect the planet?

Examples of some tools:

  • Write letters to politicians

  • Donate to environmental organisations

  • Banner making

  • Host an activist

  • Attend public meetings

  • Attending marches

  • Protest outside parliament house

  • Protest the industries that damage the environment

Be aware of your own limitations, and remember that if you care for this planet, you are most probably an emotional being that need rest and recouperation from time to time to avoid burnout.

We know that the system is broken - so how can we inspire each other to start repairing from the ground up? Are there things you might like to promote, and can you seek out training and preparation to try new things? Are you prepared to step outside your comfort zone with the right support?

What are other ways to get our messages across? One approach will not fit all!

What is it that makes politicians sweep all of the scientific evidence under the carpet? What do they gain by doing this - and how can we make them tackle the difficult questions? Or do they really only have interest in what happens between now and the next election?

If so - we need to continue to hold them all to account!

We need to encourage governments to become part of the solution. But what incentives are there for them to do that?

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