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Art Activism

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Within the activism space can emerge a fantastic array of art from performance to sculptures to music to dance. As with all the other tools in the toolbox - art is another essential tool that helps create awareness, education and inspiration. As an example, the Bob Brown Foundation hosts Art for Takayna every Easter and an art exhibition in Salamanca to raise money for environmental protection.

Rainforest artwork on the left by my mum,

Patsy Harmsen

This piece by Jenna Harriss of the Pieman Forest Blockade:

This masked owl, Tyto novaehollandiae, by Viola Barnes:

Giant freshwater crayfish, Astacopsis gouldi, inspired piece by Aviva Reed:

See more of Aviva's work here:

Photography as an artistic representation of our environment that needs immediate protection. Photo by Rob Blakers:

More of Rob's photographic art here:

Activism inspired music by Goanna - this piece about takayna/Tarkine just released:

Takayna-inspired Dance by Drill Performance Company and Samaya Wives Film Project

Artwork about logging forests by my niece, age 6

Inspiring song about takayna/Tarkine by Rose Turtle Ertler:

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