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Ali Alishah is currently on a hunger strike for forests at the Ron Barwick Prison

Updated: Mar 2

Photos by Rob Blakers and Ramji Ambrosiussen

Prisoner Hunger Strike for Forests

On the 27th of February Ali Alishah, peaceful forest protester who was arrested in the Styx Valley last week, commenced a hunger strike, seeking:

1. A commitment from all Tasmanian Political parties to end native forest in Tasmania.

2. A commitment from all Tasmanian Political parties to fund the Supreme Court of Tasmania and the Magistrates court of Tasmania to ensure that remandees do not have to wait for long periods to have their matters heard and determined.

3. A commitment from all Tasmanian Political parties to resource correctional services adequately across all security classifications.

4. Tasmania Police to stop purporting to grant bail to protesters who do not seek bail and who indicate that they will not comply with conditions.

Ali Alishah was remanded into custody on February 19th after committing trespass in an active logging coupe in the Styx Valley.

To write a letter to Ali:

Syed Ali Alishah

Ron Barwick Prison

PO Box 24

Lindisfarne, TAS 7015

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I heard on ABC this morning, your Premiere is going to change laws to favour the loggers! How can he be allowed to do this?

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