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Al Jazeera visited the proposed tailings dam site in takayna/Tarkine

Aljazeera's documentary: the Battle to Save Australia's Ancient Forests

Thanks to Amos Roberts and Aljazeera

On the front line of the battle to save Tasmania’s ancient forests, 101 East meets the ordinary citizens risking jail time to make a stand. What motivates a doctor or an artist to chain themselves to trees and risk jail time? Hundreds of ordinary citizens are volunteering in a battle to protect an ancient rainforest in the Australian state of Tasmania. They are determined to stop the construction of a tailings dam by a Chinese mining company, saying it threatens endangered wildlife and 500-year-old trees. Despite tough new penalties for protesters, they are prepared to break the law for their beliefs. Filming from day one of the protest, 101 East follows the latest fight in the continuing struggle to save Australia’s largest temperate rainforest.

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